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Schedule placenta encapsulation services in Buhl, ID

Are you wondering what placenta encapsulation is and how it might benefit you? Rely on the experts at Our Sister Moon to answer all your questions.

Placenta encapsulation is a primal practice that is pertinent to modern-day mothers. This medicine not only supports your body during the postpartum transition, it can also be preserved to help relieve PMS when moon cycles return, or even support transitioning over the moon (menopause).

Benefits are exceptional for all mothers, regardless of where or how you choose to birth, how many children you have had, race, age, or even what your mother-in-law thinks about it. Many partners have renamed this sacred medicine "happy pills," and mothers report receiving relief within minutes.

The benefits include:

  • Restoring hormonal balance
  • Lessening fatigue and bleeding
  • Increasing and enriching milk supply
  • Providing iron supplementation and lactation support
  • Reducing the "baby blues" and the risk of postpartum depression

Get the good stuff, which includes:

  • Prolactin, which supports lactation
  • A hormone cocktail, which is made by you, for you
  • Protein and iron, which wards off anemia and fatigue
  • Cortisone, which reduces inflammation to promote healing
  • Oxytocin, which is the LOVE hormone for bonding and decreasing pain
  • Prostaglandins, which assists the uterus in returning to pre-pregnancy size

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Learn everything you need to know about our process

It is essential that I receive your placenta as soon as possible after the birth (within daylight hours), and no later than 48 hours after birth. Be sure that your care provider is aware that you want to keep your placenta. It can be helpful to have a loved one in charge of your placenta, as it will need to be immediately placed in a cooler or the refrigerator.

I process your placenta using designated and sanitized equipment. I will process it in Traditional Chinese Medicine fashion; lightly steamed, dehydrated, powdered, and encapsulated. It's important to me to have your medicine prepared as soon as possible.

Placenta tincture is a very effective and convenient medicine to have on hand. A strawberry-size piece of your placenta will be removed prior to the encapsulation process and placed in a jar with high grade 40% vodka. It will macerate for six weeks, be strained, and get delivered. (It's so fun to check in six weeks later!) Tinctures are highly shelf stable and could keep indefinitely.

You'll receive a cord keepsake and your capsules, the amount of which will vary depending on the size of your placenta.

Please note that it is very important to me that my services are accessible to all that are interested. Please do not hesitate to ask if money is the only thing holding you back. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity (with this child, with this placenta).

Contact Danielle today to find out how you can get placenta tincture or encapsulation services in Buhl or Twin Falls, ID.