Inspired by the spunk and adaptability of the botanical world, Our Sister Moon aims to create peace, resiliency, independence, and connectedness to Nature. We do this by crafting small batch herbal remedies and education to enhance, nourish, and empower folks to heal themselves and our planet. Ethical wildcrafting & Earth tending, sustainability, and accessibility are fundamental to our high standard of living.


Sustainability: Aim for zero waste. Using bioregional and locally grown plants.
Ethically wildcrafting & Earth tending: No pesticides or overharvesting. Honoring the stands and ecosystems our plant relations is fundamental to the survival of most life on the planet.
Accessibility: Health care and sick care come with a price, it is essential
Small batch: Ensure quality, consistency, and care of the plants and creation process.
Community: Showing up for women, children, and families with out judgement is an essential step to healing the our communities.


Hello! I'm Danielle.

I love serving my community by offering services of placenta and plant healing.
I have self studied plant medicine for 8+ years and began an official study of plant medicine & botany at Columbines School of Botanical Studies (Eugene, Oregon) in 2015.

I am a mother of 2 boys that were born at home. I have experienced the battle of those blissful, beautiful, & painful moments the 4th trimester has to offer. As a young mother, I had no idea that placenta medicine was a thing with my first son. I struggled very much emotionally and had a lot of struggle maintaining my milk supply. However, I did have the opportunity to encapsulate my placenta with my second son. The recovery, mentally & physically, was drastically smoother...the difference of that precious time was like night and day. I was far more grounded and stable to better mother my then 2 very young babies. I also had no trouble with my milk supply this time around.
These experiences is what drove me to learn more about this medicine & why it is largely missing from our culture. I had to support new mothers & families with this wonderful gift of the placenta.

I encapsulated placentas for 2 years in Boise, Idaho.

I currently serve the Buhl & Twin Falls, ID area.

  • I am a Certified Lactation Educator and have supported many women in the early days of breastfeeding.
  • I am trained on Bloodborne Pathogens.
  • I have previously held an Oregon Food Handlers card. (Meaning I am educated in the ways of commercial food safety.)

I love spending time with my family outside exploring, reading, & creating potions.